How to update your old browser

It makes no difference if you are a webmaster of a website or a simple user who does not know how to update his old browser. In this article I will show you how to update your old browser and what benefits you have if you do so.

As a user you will benefit from better security and threat prevention. Also important is the support of new web technologies, if you update your old browser. However, if you are a webmaster you surely want to know how to show your visitors that they are using an old version of their browser.


How can I update my old browser?

Before we go deeper into the topic, I should show you how you can update your old browser in the first place. According to which browser you use, there are different approaches for an update. I will show you the update process of the most used browsers.


How to update the browser on a smartphone

Generally you update the browser on your smartphone with help of the app store of your supplier. This might be the Apple app store or Google Play or whatever supplier you use. Generally the app store shows available updates automatically. Often the updates will be installed automatically too, if you have this function activated in your preferences.

Please be aware, that sometimes an automatic update does not work. Especially, if you have the app installed by alternative ways (e.g. root or other app stores than the official ones).


How to update the browser on PC

On your PC it depends which browser you use. I will show you how to update your browser on the most used browsers.


Internet Explorer / Edge

You can update Internet Explorer or Edge with Windows Update. Usually Windows Updates installs updates automatically on a regular basis. To manually start Windows Update, please follow these steps:


Windows XP / Windows 7

Go to the start menu and open “All Programs”. Search then for “Windows Update” and start it. On Windows XP the browser should open a webpage from where you can start Windows Update. On Windows 7, the Windows Update manager should start.


Windows 8 / Windows 10

On Windows 8 or 10 you can search for “update” in the search field on the taskbar. Windows then should show you the option to start Windows Update respectively to search for updates.


Mozilla Firefox

Generally Firefox should update itself automatically by scanning for updates on a regular basis. To manually look for an update, follow the following navigational path: Menu-Button Help About Firefox . Now Firefox should search for an update. If there is an update available, Firefox should install it automatically too.

You also can download the newest version of Firefox from the website of Mozilla.


Google Chrome

Chrome also should update itself by searching for updates automatically on a regular basis. If you want to see if there is an update available manually, please follow this path: Menu – Help – About Google Chrome . Chrome now checks, if there is an update available. If so, Chrome installs it automatically.

If you want, you also can download the newest version of Chrome directly from



Like all other browsers too, Opera also should update itself automatically. You also can check manually, if there is a new version available or not. Choose “About Opera” in the menu. Opera will open a new window and checks if there is a new version available.

You can download the newest version of Opera from



Apple discontinued the development of Safari on Windows. You should choose another browser instead. On MacOS you can update Safari with the Apple Mac App Store.



First I want to apologize that i cannot write about every browser possible. There are far too much browsers out there to describe them all. Especially on mobile phones. But every modern browser has integrated some kind of automatic update. Most browsers should be possible to update through the already described means. If you cannot find any option to upgrade your browser, please have a look on the website of the developer of your browser. Usually you’ll find a link to the website in the help menu inside the browsers interface.


You know now how to update your browser. Now I will show you how you can remind the visitors of your website why it is crucial to have the latest version of your browser installed.




Why should I keep my browser updated?

Compatibility to standards and support of modern web technologies are pretty good things. But as a “simple user” you are maybe not able to really catch why these things are good. Therefore I will now explain some headwords for you. With these you maybe be able to grasp the thing.



Safety is something that counts for every internet user out there. Old browser are known for open security leak which could compromise your computer. Updates often closes security issues on browsers. Modern browsers can keep you safe from phishing attempts and warn you about internet threats. Also they can protect your privacy better on the internet.

You should always remember: Your browser is your first shield against threads from the internet!



Modern browsers are fast. Very fast. Because of plugins, every browser can have almost every feature. So this is not the biggest argument about the pros and cons of a browser anymore. But speed is one big argument. Old browsers are slow. So keep up to date.

Everything is faster on the internet with a good and modern browser.



Modern web techniques allow big things. HTML 5 is such a big thing. Old browsers don’t support HTML 5, which is bad. Bad for you, bad for the internet. You can do so many things with HTML 5, it is impossible to describe. Modern websites, which use such technologies, can’t be rendered on old browsers or they are causing many issues. So install a modern browser like Firefox or Chrome.



New browsers consequently do use more and better features. You think tabs on browsers are old? Maybe you’re right. But I’ve grown up with browser who did not have such a feature. Instead I needed to open many instances of the browser if i wanted to have more than one site open at once.

Modern browsers support newer features like HTML 5. Or new audio- or video-formats. Compatibility and general support of modern web technologies can finally be achieved with modern browsers.


Updates are free

Updates don’t cost a dime. They are free. So why keep the old browser when there are so many modern browsers? There is no reason to hold back. The update is easy too. Just download the new version and click “install”.



Besides of Internet Explorer (or Edge, which is the successor of IE on Windows 10) there are many more alternatives. Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Vivaldi and many, many more. Try all of them and hold on to the browser you like most. All of them are modern, all of them are good. Try it.




Tools for webmaster

As a webmaster of a website you also can contribute to let old browsers become extinct. You can remind the visitors of you website to finally update to a modern and new version of their browser. But how can you do that? I will show you two possible means in brief.

On you can find a little JavaScript which shows a message to visitors with old browsers accordingly. You also can configure the script a little. Eventually you’ll find all information on the website linked before.

As an alternative to that JavaScript you can also use so called “Conditional Comments”. These conditional comments will execute commands, i.e. if they detect a certain version of Internet Explorer.



<!--[if lte IE 8]> 
<div id="ie6msg"> 
<h4>Did you know, that your browser is outdated</h4> 
<p>To make your internet experience secure and as pleasant as possible, you should update you browser to a newer version. The newest version of Internet Explorer is <a class="getie7" href="">Internet Explorer 11</a>. The update is free. If you use this PC at work, contact your IT administration.</p> 
<h5>Please be aware, that this website may not be fully compatible with your outdated browser.</h5> 
<p>If you like, you can also download some alternatives like <a class="ie6expl" href="">Google Chrome</a>, <a class="ie6expl" href="">Firefox</a> or <a class="ie6expl" href="">Opera</a> and try them.</p> 


If a visitor with an outdated version of Internet Explorer visits your website, he’ll get a message like this (I know, the text on the screenshot is german – but this is about the looks 🙂 ):

Update your old browser.
Visitors of your website will get a message like this.



Atfer all, it doesn’t hurt to remember the visitors of your website from time to time that they should always keep their browser up to date. Better security, more features and a faster rendering engine are only a couple of arguments, which can be used.

The use of a modern browser makes the web a safer and better place to be.


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